Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

*Grand Plié a la Seconde is the founding step, the beginning. The opening act of a shopper’s plan is the store, the retailer, and the sales within.

*Pas de Bourreé are the steps between; clipping the coupons, watching the blogs, matching the ads.

*Glissade is the prep. Making a list and organizing a plan creates a graceful interlude for the main event.

*Jeté, the flying leap; the actual shopping trip.

*Assemblé, where everything comes together.

The finale takes place at center stage with the register, the sale, the coupons,

and the shopper taking a final bow. Let us dance our way to savings!

Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

Donations with Coupons

"Little pieces of paper gives us so many things. It gives us
life and death, business and relationships. It gives
us homes and cars and so much more. It also 
gives us the ablity to help those in need;
whether it's with retanglar green
paper, or small square ones
with barcodes. Paper gives
us many things in life."


Support Our Troops and Families Overseas!

Thousands of our Troops lives in foreign countries with their family, where the price of food and necessities are sometimes twice as much as we pay.
Did you know That the Commissary on Military bases Overseas Allows Coupons to be used up to 6 months after the expiration dates!

Recycle your un-used and expired coupons to our Troops! Information can be found at OCP, you can send the coupons yourself or contact me via e-mail at
  and we can work something out.


I am currently shipping to an Army Base located in Illesheim, Germany on the 1st (if it fall on the weekend then the first monday) of every month.

Oct. 3--$300plus in coupons
Nov. 3-- $2359.35
Jan. 17, 2012-- nearly $10,000 in coupons
July 19, 2012-- $2000 in coupons
(Sorry for the long delay on this shipment!)
Food and Personal Care Items donated to

Pictured above is just a small amount I donated. 
11 boxes of cereal
24 sodas
15 boxes of pasta
30 mini pasta meals(similar to roman noodles)
40 shampoo&conditioners
13 toothpaste
and several other things 
without coupons could cost up to $400, but only cost me AT MOST $50...
It was one week later than I planned, but none the less...
Dropped off a $105 worth of food only, that if bought all at the same time I would've gotten money back for because of Coupons!!!
So, Thank You Coupons For Giving Me a Chance to Give Back To My Community!
 Remember ANYONE can do this! If you have coupons that make something free, but you know you won't use it, get it anyway. Set it to the side and when you have a few more things GO and Donate it! WHY? Because there is always someone who will use it and they might not know how easy it is to get these things.
Other donations will be recorded as they happen. If you would like to donate some of your coupon earnings, check for local shelters or contact me in a comment and we'll work something out.

Good luck with your savings and give a little to your country and community.