Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

*Grand Plié a la Seconde is the founding step, the beginning. The opening act of a shopper’s plan is the store, the retailer, and the sales within.

*Pas de Bourreé are the steps between; clipping the coupons, watching the blogs, matching the ads.

*Glissade is the prep. Making a list and organizing a plan creates a graceful interlude for the main event.

*Jeté, the flying leap; the actual shopping trip.

*Assemblé, where everything comes together.

The finale takes place at center stage with the register, the sale, the coupons,

and the shopper taking a final bow. Let us dance our way to savings!

Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

25Cent Toothpaste!!

Winn-Dixie this Week(5/30-6/5) has some great Sales!!
Here's an Awesome One for You!

Colgate 4oz Toothpaste!
$1 each

Combined it with this coupon:
$.75 off one 4oz Colgate toothpaste or larger - 5/13/12 SS (exp. 6/2/12)

TOoP is $.25

Progresso Soup!

This Week(5/31-6/6) @ Publix
Progresso Soup is on Sale for 
4 for $6 -- or -- $1.50 each
$1 off one Progresso Soup - Running In/Running Out PQ (exp. 6/2/12)

Also be on the look out for a peelie $1 off 3 MQ

Smallest deal = Buy 3
$1.50x3=$4.50-3=$1.50-1=$.50 for 3 cans of soup! 

Bird's Eye Viola!

This Week(5/31-6/6) @ Publix
Bird's Eye Viola Skillet Meals
Are On Sale BOGOfree @ $5.49
Coupons to use:

Use 2 coupons
$5.49-($1.50x2)=$2.49 TOoP

Winn-Dixie Dog Eat Deal!!

Doggie / Dog Eat...
Either way the Pups are loving these pet food deals!!
Check it Out!

Kibbles 'n Bits(16-19.36lbs) is on sale for 13.99
Click this link for all Coupons for this product------> Kibbles 'n Bits Super Sale!
GET these 4 items* FREE:
*Snausages Dog Treats, 10 0r 12 oz.- FREE
*Milo's Kitchen Brand Home-Style Dog Treats 3.3 oz.- FREE
$1 off one Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats 05/13/12 RP (exp.7/8/12)
*Milk-Bone 24 oz. Dog Biscuits OR Milk-Bone 9 oz. Trail Mix (choose One) - FREE
$1 off one Milk-Bone printable
$1.50 off two Milk-Bone Dog Snacks, exp. 7/7/12 (RP 05/13/12)
*Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats, 3.3 oz.- FREE
Final Price:: After coupons, $9.99

Can YOU Save on Fruits and Veggies?? Yes, Yes YOU Can!

I hear this all the time...
"If you eat fruits and veggies ALL the time, you can't SAVE anything!!"
But that's not 100% true. 

You see sometimes to save a little on the non-coupon items you have to shop around a little. Check out other store flyers. Find a little Ethnic grocery store in your area or do some PM-ing at your local Walmart...

Here are a few great price from BRAVO SuperMarket!

May 24 through June 6

Red Apples-$.59lb (limit 10lbs)
Jumbo Garlic-$.99lb 
Iceberg Lettuce-$.99 each

ONLY May 30th TODAY!!

Idaho Potato(Baking)-$.28lb (limit 20lbs)
Green Bananas-$.28lb (limit 20lbs)
Green Cabbage-$.28lb (limit 20lbs)
Yellow Onions-$.28lb (limit 20lbs)

ONLY June 3rd and June 6th

Green Limes-25 for $1
Red Peppers-$.88lb (limit 10lbs)
Salad Tomato-$.58lb (limit 20lbs)
Yellow Onions-3lb bag for $.88 each (limit 6 bags)
Pineapples-$1.88 each (limit 8)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TLC's Extreme Couponing Returns...

Season 3 of TLC's Extreme Couponing(EC)
Began 5/28 @ 10PM

Yes it's Fun 
Yes it's Entertaining
Watch those totals go down to ZERO!

Enjoy it, but don't fully believe it.
Reality TV is rarely Real and is strictly for entertainment purposes only. 
These transactions CAN NOT be replicated!!
  Seasoned Couponers know of TLC's EC repetitive fraudulent coupon usage.
Check out some of these articles about TLC's Fraud usage on Jill Cataldo(of SuperCouponing).
Also Check Out The Coupon Information Corporation(CIC) for tips and awareness!

Knowing helps you to become better couponer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

For Just $10! Pepsi & Dove

This Week @ Publix
Pepsi Brand 12pks are B2G2free @ $4.99
There is a coupon in YAB Flyer for
FREE Dove Brand Chocolate(4.5-5oz) WYB 2 DIET Pepsi

So Buy 4 Diet Pepsi and get 2 Dove Chocolates FREE

For the great low price of $9.98+tax

Buy 3 P&G, get Chicken FREE!

 Publix is running that sale again too!
Buy 3 P&G Products, Get a Rotisserie Chicken FREE

Highlighted P&G Products in theWeekly Flyer Are:
*TIDE 50oz-$6.99
*DOWNY Liquid Softener 62-77oz, or Unstoppables 13.2oz-$5.99
*CASCADE COMPLETE Assorted Varieties-$5.99
*IAMS DOG FOOD 6.1-7lbs-$9.99
*TAMPAX TAMPONS Pearl/Radient 32-36ct, ALWAYS PADS Assorted Varieties 24-48ct-$7.49
*PANTENE PRO-V 25.4oz-$5.99
*BOUNTY 6rolls-$7.49
*CHARMIN 6-12rolls-$7.49
*PAMPERS Cruisers, Swaddlers, Baby Dry 20-42ct-$9.49

My Transaction for this deal:
6 Pantene Pro-V(3 shampoos & 3 conditioners) 
2 Rotisserie Chicken
Total Before Coupons and Sales=$50.72
3 BOGOfree Pantene Pro-V(up to $4.99)
2 $2 off $25 Doris Competitor Coupon
After Coupons Total=$31.75
Rotisserie Chicken come off AFTER cashier hits TOTAL
FINAL TOoP=$16.97

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Give alittle, and get more back!

Publix is Currently Sponsoring
Children's Miracle Network
For South Florida this money goes to 
Miami Children's Hospital!

When you Donate $1, $3, $5 You will receive a packet of Ten Coupons! 

Donate $1 Coupons included are::
$.55 off the following:
Del Monte Fruit cups
Angel Soft/Sparkle
Dixie Paper Products
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
M&M(11.8oz or larger) 
Pedigree(3.5lb or larger) 
Cat's Pride Disposable Tray w/ Free Litter
Jose Ole
3 Sobe Lifewater

Donate $3 Coupons included are::
$1 off the following:
2 Del Monte Fruit cups
Angel Soft/Sparkle
Dixie Paper Products
2 Keebler Animal or Famous Amos Bags
2 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
M&M(15.4oz or larger) 
Pedigree(3.5lb or larger) 
Cat's Pride Litter(14lbs)
Jose Ole(20oz)
Pepsi 6-Pack

Donate $5 Coupons included are::
$2 off the following:
2 Del Monte Fruit cups
Angel Soft/Sparkle
Dixie Paper Products
2 Cheez-it
3 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
M&M(42oz or larger) 
Pedigree(15lb or larger) 
Cat's Pride Litter(21lbs)
2 Jose Ole(20oz)
2 Starbucks 4-Pack

Sometimes when you give a little away, you get something more in return!

Even better these are all PUBLIX COUPONS!! 
Which means you can stack them with MQs! 

thinkThin Bars! $.50 MM!

The Average Price for each bar is $1.50 or 2 for $3
Right Now is a Great MM Opportunity!
@ Publix
and this
$1.50-$2=$.50 MM

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kibbles 'n Bits Super Sale!

It's that BOGOfree Sale again!

Kibbles 'n Bits 4lb bags are BOGOfree @ $4.99
Coupons to use:
$1.50 off one RP 5/13/12(exp. 7/8/12)

Between $2.99 to FREE for 8lbs of dog food!

Monday, May 21, 2012

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or Marinade

5/19 - 6/8
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce($1.99) is Free WYB KC Masterpiece Marinade($2.95) w/ a BOGOfree  PQ from the YAB flyer

You can also get a $1 off 2 from a tearpad in the beer section! (exp. 6/3/12)

$1.95 for a Marinade and BBQ Sauce!
Not bad! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Deals on Propel Zero!

Are you one of those people who hate bland no flavor water?

Well here is the deal for you!

Propel Zero Flavored Water beats the best water critic, My Mom! LOL
She Loves This Stuff!

So when I saw the 24oz single bottles on Sale at my local Publix, I just had to get 2... Ok so Maybe I got 10! :)
But Hey, 2 for $1 is an unbeatable price! 
I just check out the YAB flyer and they also have a coupon for the Powder Packets 10ct. BOGOfree!

SoftSoap and Co. Deal @ Publix

Tearpad Alert!! FREE $5 Gift Card WYB 5 *Participating Products*(exp. 6/1/12):
Any SoftSoap
Irish Spring
and most: 
Speed Stick

Deal Maker!!
Irish Spring and SoftSoap Body Wash is BOGOfree @ $3.97
Peelie Alert!! $.50 off one MQ(These peelies are on most of these *participating products*)
Buy 10(5 are free)= $3.97 x 5= $19.85
Minus the MQs ~ $19.85-($.50 x 10)=$14.85 
Get 2 $5 Gift Cards to go to your next purchase!
So it's like only paying: $4.85

Publix Coupon does state limit one coupon per person per transaction, but many Publix allows multiples anyway. Always ask, and never get upset! 

I Hope Hand Soap goes 10 for $10 before the PQ expires!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Savings for Moviegoers!

As a self proclaim Movie-holic,
Saving money while going to the movie theater every week, sometimes twice or three times a week, is very important.

Here's some tips for a couple of big chain theaters:

Early Bird Special- $6.25 for the first showing of the day,
$6 Tuesdays,
Senior Day Monday's- $6.25 65yrs or older,

Click the pic or click here to sign up now!

Regal Cinemas/United Artist/Edwards Theaters
$6 Tuesdays

Click the pic or click here to sign up now!

$2 Candy Mondays
$2 Popcorn Tuesdays
50pts. Free Popcorn
100pts. Free Drink
150pts. Free Movie Ticket & Extra Points Thursdays and Concessions
200pts. Free Popcorn(and repeat 50,100,150)
10,000pts. Invite only ELITE Status(special rewards, gifts, etc.) 

Take the Special K Challenge! w/ Coupons

Check Your Local Store for the New Special K Coupon Booklet!
I found mine @ Publix on the Cereal Aisle.
$10 worth of Coupons Inside!

Save $1 on one MorningStar Farms product($4.39) WYB 2 Special K Cereal

Save $1 on one Wholly Guacamole product($3.59/sale BOGOfree) WYB 2 Special K Crackers or Cracker Chips

Save $1 on one StarKist Tuna Pouch($1.47/sale BOGOfree) WYB 1 Special K Crackers

Save $1 on one Minute Maid Light Lemonade($3+) WYB 1 Special K Crackers

Save $2 on Sunscreen($7.99+/ *GAB $2off PQ*) WYB 1 Special K Protein Shakes

Save $2 on Produce WYB 2 Special K Cereal

Save $2 on Store Brand Bottled Water($4.49/sale $3.99) WYB 1 Special K Cereal AND 1 Special K Crackers

Special K Prices:
Cereal - $4.39/ *Sale 2 for $5*
Protein Shakes 4pk. - $6.99/ *Sale 2 for $10*
Crackers & Cracker Chips - $3.79

*current sales @ Publix*
All others are Possible Sales to come!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Instore Coupon Shopping List for Publix! (week of 5/17-5/23)

Out on the Town? 
Decided to do a quick shop before going home?
Forgot your coupons?!

Publix has so many coupons you have nothing to worry about!!
Booklets and Flyers All Found @ The Infomation Center  by the Front Door

Do you have a load of laundry waiting at home for you?
Tide 100oz Sale--$11.99
PEELIE ALERT!! FREE Downy(40 loads or larger/ up to $5 off) WYB Tide
$11.99 for Tide 100oz and Downy 40 loads

Dogs have bad breath?
Pedigree Dentastix BOGOfree @ $3.59
RETURN THE LOVE Booklet -- $2 off one Dentastix 18-25ct. (exp. 5/31)
Use 2 Qs = $.41 MM for 2 Dentastix 24ct. Minis
PS. Check out the new *Fresh* Flavor

Need Eggs? Buy some Cheese too!
Sargento Shredded Cheese 2 for $5
HANGTAG ALERT!! $.55 off one Sargento cheese(found on cavit wine)
Also use:
SPRING GATHERING Booklet -- FREE Large Eggs WYB 2 Sargento Cheese
Use 2 hangtags and one booklet Q = $3.90 for 2 Sargento cheese and a Dozen Large Eggs

Kids want to make something? 
Rice Krispies Cereal--$1.99
M&M B2G1free @ $4.29
PEELIE ALERT!! FREE M&Ms WYB Rice Krispies Cereal
Use 2Qs = $3.98 for 2 Cereal and 3 M&Ms

Select Pepsi 12pks B2G2free @ $4.99
YELLOW MOTHER'S DAY flyer -- $3 off 2 Dr. Pepper 12pks.(exp. 5/18)
Use 2 Qs = $3.98 for 4 Dr. Pepper 12pks.
This deal only good if Pepsi is your Dr. Pepper Vendor

A $57 Grocery Bill Drops to $23!! 
Not Bad for Leaving your Coupons at Home!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

$1 Hidden Valley Ranch!

Original Title: Possible MM Hidden Valley Ranch! 
Now it's: $1 Hidden Valley Ranch
 This week(5/10-5/16(5/9-5/15)) @ PUBLIX
Hidden Valley Dressing is BOGOfree @ $3.99
Use the Following Coupons::
2PQs-- $1 off 1 Hidden Valley from **Publix Spring Gathering(exp.5/26) <---these are MQs as well and cannot be used with the following coupons
 and 2MQs-- $1 off 1 Hidden Valley - SS4/22/12(exp.10/31/12)
In Total that is $4 off! You should get some cents back no matter the price! 
In total you'll get $2 off and that makes for a great price for Ranch and other dressings! Not free or MM but still a wonderful price!

Sorry about the mix up, but everyone is allowed mistakes once in a while... :)

$10 off $100 AMEX Gift Cards!!

The Title says it ALL!
 This week(5/10-5/16(or 5/9-5/15)) at PUBLIX 
if you buy $25 worth of groceries,
 you can get $10 off a $100 AMEX Gift Card!!
This is a Coupon so grab the Weekly Flyer as you come in the door!
Please Remember AMEX has an activation fee of $5.95... 
Also AMEX takes between one to four hours to active, you cannot use it immediately!

Stores have the right to LIMIT how many you purchase.
 Please be respectful!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pepsi Next 2-Liter $.14MM

This week(5/3-5/9) @ Publix 
Pepsi 2Liters are on Sale for 3 for $4
Or $1.33 each
This includes 
Use the following coupons: 
Publix Yellow Flyer-- $1 off one 2-liter Pepsi NEXT
$.55 off one 2-liter of Pepsi Next
(pepsi moments4/29/12<exp 5/16/12>) 

$1.33-$1-$.55= -$.22+tax(.08)= -$.14