Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

*Grand Plié a la Seconde is the founding step, the beginning. The opening act of a shopper’s plan is the store, the retailer, and the sales within.

*Pas de Bourreé are the steps between; clipping the coupons, watching the blogs, matching the ads.

*Glissade is the prep. Making a list and organizing a plan creates a graceful interlude for the main event.

*Jeté, the flying leap; the actual shopping trip.

*Assemblé, where everything comes together.

The finale takes place at center stage with the register, the sale, the coupons,

and the shopper taking a final bow. Let us dance our way to savings!

Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FREE Glucose Monitor!

This Week @ Walgreens(7/29-8/4)
The Accu-Chek Nano Blood Glucose Monitor
Is on Sale for $9.99
In Sunday's(7/29) Newspaper one of the RedPlums
Has a Coupon 'Free Up to $10.00' For This Product!

This Is A Great Deal For Those Who Need This!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

AXE Sale!

AXE is Going on Sales @ Target on Sunday
If you buy 4 AXE products, 
you will get a $5 gift card!!
Use the Coupon Coming Out in Sunday's Newspaper 7/29 RP-- $1 off one AXE Deodorant/Body Spray

Buy 4 AXE @ $3.99, Use 4-$1 off Coupons, and get $5 Gift Card!!
Total After Coupons=$12.92(6% tax included)or $3.23 Each

Total After Coupons & Gift Card, It's Like Paying=
$7.92(6% tax included) or $1.98 each!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

FREE Glade Refills!!

This Deal You Don't Even Have to Think About 
This Deal is Good @ Target 
Or Any Store That Accepts Competitor Coupons and Target Is a Competitor!!
(IE. Publix!!)

Use These Coupons::
*BOGOfree up to $5.99 Glade Refills 
MQ-SS 7/15(exp. 8/25/12)

Buy 2 Glade Refills and use both coupons! 
Equals FREE!!

I'm getting 24 in total, How many are you getting??

Friday, July 20, 2012

Two FREE 2L Sunkist!!

This Week At Publix(7/19-7/25)
  2-Liter Assorted Canada Dry, 7-UP, A&W, or Diet Rite(Sunkist included) are on Sale for BOGOfree @ $1.89
Use the Following Coupon!
  *BOGOfree Sunkist 2-Liter Publix coupon
in either 6/3 or 6/10 inserts (exp 7/28/12)
As Low As FREE!! +tax(.12)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Seems We're Getting This Deal Monthly Lately!!
With the Summer Months We Totally need it!!
The Gas Card Deal is BACK!!!

Starting 7/19 through 7/25!
  IHeartPublix say it's back, so I'm letting you all know!

It will be $10 off a $50 Gas Card WYB 
$50 worth of Groceries!

A limit of 4 per transaction may apply,
 so Everyone can get in on this deal.
(limits vary by store; this was my stores limit in the past.)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to School For a Buck!

 10 for $1 -- 2 pocket folder
$1 -- mead index cards or envelopes
3 for $1 -- 1 subject notebook 70/80 sheets
$1 -- 10ct. #2 pencils or pencil sharpener

Other CVS Deals!
 *Buy 3 American Express Cards, get a $10 American Express card FREE
*Spend $15 on any Crayola Products & Get $3 in EBCs
*ALL Pampers Jumbo Packs 2 for $19 & Get $3 in EBCs(check your Binders for Pampers Coupons)
*4 Days Only!(7/15-7/18) @ Coupon Center In Store --
 $4 off $20 Coupon! 

I don't have much luck with CVS, but there are some Great Deals!!
Are you Catching any this week?! 

Week of 7/15-7/21 

Bigger isn't always Better...

Value Size is our Friend, Right?
For a Regular Shopper, Maybe, But Not For a Couponer!
And Sometimes Not Even the Average Shopper Either...
When Shopping, We Need to Start Looking at the Price of Each Unit, Rather Than Just the Product.
Unit Can Be: Ounce, Pound, Count, or Serving Size
Keeping Hands Clean at School or Work is a Must These Days, So Purell Hand Sanitizer is Popular During Back to School Sales!

Sales Week of 7/15-7/21
Office Depot
8oz Purell Bottle is on Sale for $2

Office Max
0.5oz Purell Bottle is on Sale for $.10

Which is Cheaper in the End?

$2 @ Office Depot 
$1.60 @ Office Max (by buying 16-.5oz bottles)

If You Decide to Use Coupons From HERE an Even Better Deal Has Arrived 
Again, Which is Cheaper in the End?

$1 (after coupon) @ Office Depot
$.70 MM for each 3-.5oz bottles by Price Matching @ Walmart

More on Getting More for Less @ WUC

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SOBE Gift Card DEAL! *@Target*

FREE $5 Gift Card when you Buy 10 SOBE Water!
SOBE 20oz Bottles are On Sale for 10 for $10
No Coupon, but still a Great Deal!!
How Many Are You Getting?


4 Sunkist 12 Pack Cans for only $2!

This Week At Publix(7/12-7/18)
12-Pack Assorted Canada Dry, 7-UP, A&W, or Diet Rite, 12oz cans are on Sale for B2G2free @ $4.99

If Sunkist is the Same Distributor(it is in my area)  
Then this deal will work!

Use the Following Coupon!
$2 off any One Sunkist 12-pack Publix coupon
in either 6/3 or 6/10 inserts (exp 7/28/12)
Also There Might Be a Tearpad Up- $2 off on 12-Pack

The Math::


A Stellar Price If You Like This Soda!!
Are you Buying it??

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's an Ice Cream Week!

Now this is a dumb question...
Especially the good stuff like Ben&Jerry and Starbucks! Yum!
Well you are in luck! 
This week @ Publix(7/12-7/18)
Both are on Sale BOGOfree for $4.79!
Use these coupon:
$1 off one Starbucks ice cream-SS 6/17/12 (exp8/31/12)  
$1 off one B&J Ice Cream-RP 6/10/12 (exp7/22/12)

TOoP=as high as $2.79 or as low as $1.29

Remember you can use one MQ and one PQ/CQ per item, even on BOGOs! That means on Starbucks you can use two coupons, and on B&Js you can use a total of four coupons on the deal!!

So, Are YOU Getting Ice Cream This Week? 
If so, What Kind?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Major Back to School Stock Up Time!!

After 4th of July
is the beginning of School Supplies Sales!
Start Stocking up now, so you have less stress later!

Check out these sales!(7/8-7/14)
No coupon necessary!

Office Max
*up to 10 free folders after $5 minimum purchase
*$5 off $25 in-flyer coupon
*4-pack store brand glue sticks-$.25 each
*100 sheets composition books-$.50 each
*^1" store brand binders-$1 each^ 
*8GB Lexar USB Jumpdrive-$7.99 each
Dollar Deals
*400 sheets Sticky Notes pad(store brand)
*80 sheets wireless college notebooks
*100 pack note cards/flash cards
*12ct.gallon,35ct sandwich,or 50ct.paper lunch bags
*with in flyer coupon: 100 sheets spiral notebooks
*with in flyer coupon: 4-pack dry erase markers
*with in flyer coupon: 12-pack of sharpies 
*with in flyer coupon:Papermate Mechanical pencil set
$2 Deals
*300 sheets filler paper
*mini stapler
*1-hole punch with grip
*8.5x11 Dry Erase Board
*^250ct.paperclips^, 150ct.pushpins, or ^25ct.binder clips^-- Clip Tubs
*with in flyer coupon: 8 tab dividers Avery^

OfficeMax also has great BOGO50%off and B2G1free Deals going on!

Now on to STAPLES
Save 15% all season long by purchasing the Back to School Savings Pass for $10(season ends 9/15/12)
$5 off $30 in flyer coupon
Penny Deals(w/ $5 minimum purchase)
*24-pack Rose Art Crayons
*4oz. store brand glue
*8-pack Bic pens
Dollar Deals
*25pack pull&seal envelopes
*^25pack binder clips(no container)^
*Scotch gem magic tape
*writing pad 5"x8"
*7" Westcott scissors
$2 Deals
*100sheets Sustainable Earth Notebooks
*6pack Dry erase mini markers
*locker planet locker accessories
*Fashion clipboards
*6pack highlighters
*5pack gel pens
*100sheets durable poly covered notebooks
$5 Deals
*72pack of  #2 pencils
*4 pack of letter/legal size blue storage boxes
*15pack ballpoint pens
*^50pack top loading clear sheet protectors^
*8pack bounty paper towels(P&G Q can be used)
 Other Deals
*^.14L box^-$.25 each
*5-pack papermate .7mm mechanical pencils-$.25
*3-pack pink block erasers-$.50
*140 sheets mini notebooks-$.50
*pencils case-$.50
*^plastic storage box w/lid^-$6
*25% to 50% off all back packs 
Rebate Deals
*4pack scotch super glue-$2.99(full refund by mail)
*500 sheets printer paper-$6.99(easy rebate for $6.74)
*2013 desk top calendar 22"x17"-$4.99(full refund by mail)

*Backpacks BOGOfree @ $10.99
*Wexford 2 pocket folders- 8 for $1(limit 16)
*Wexford 130sheets filler paper-$.79
*24pack Penway crayons- $.39 

I know this is a lot of information for you in one post!
As more great sale come for Back to School they will be smaller...
Have fun shopping!

Ps. the ^^ signs around certain items are great buys for Coupon Organization! This is OUR time to buy too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beechnut Baby Food Deal!

Need Baby Food?!
This is the time to get it!!
Beechnut Baby Food is BOGOfree @ $.55
This Week @ Publix (6/29-7/4)
Coupons to use:

Best Deal-
Buy 6 and use two coupons!
BOGOfree @ $.55 =$1.65-$2(Qs)=-$.35


Monday, July 2, 2012

MM Busy Bones!

Have you Used All Your Purina Treats Publix Online Coupons yet?
If you haven't and you can still print some out I Have a Busy Dog Deal For You!!
Purina Busy Bones are on Sale this Week at Publix:
BOGOfree @ $3.95 

$2 off 2 Manufacturer's Coupon- 
SS 6/17/12(exp9/17/12)

Final TOoP=-$2.05 

Did you already use your PQs? If so, on what?
For me, I got what's picture on the coupon: The Beggin' Strips! :P

Sunday, July 1, 2012

$.10 Salad Dressing!!

Dress Up Your Salad With 
Kraft Anything Dressing!
Publix has these on Sale BOGOfree for $3.19 This Week(6/29-7/4)

Use these coupons to get 2 Salad Dressings for $.19 or $.10/$.09 each!


$.25 Crest!

Cheap Toothpaste is a MUST!
This week @ Publix (6/29-7/4)
Crest Toothpaste(6.4oz) are 10 for $10
Use the $.75 off one Crest Toothpaste(4oz or larger) in Today's(7/1/12) P&G

Final TOoP=$.25!!!

A P&G Holiday!

P&G is definately in today Paper!

I know that for sure and with it you can get $.25 Crest toothpaste @ Publix!

a more detailed post will show late tonight!

i'm late for work! O_O