Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

*Grand Plié a la Seconde is the founding step, the beginning. The opening act of a shopper’s plan is the store, the retailer, and the sales within.

*Pas de Bourreé are the steps between; clipping the coupons, watching the blogs, matching the ads.

*Glissade is the prep. Making a list and organizing a plan creates a graceful interlude for the main event.

*Jeté, the flying leap; the actual shopping trip.

*Assemblé, where everything comes together.

The finale takes place at center stage with the register, the sale, the coupons,

and the shopper taking a final bow. Let us dance our way to savings!

Grand Plié a la Seconde—Pas de Bourreé—Glissade—Jeté—Assemblé

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dr. Pepper Super DEAL!!!

Dr.Pepper & other Pepsi Products 
are on sale @ Publix for BOGOfree @ $4.99
(week of 8/30/12-9/5/12)
Coupons for this Super Deal::
MQ $1 off 1 Dr. Pepper 12-pack(or 2-2L bottles) -- SS6/24-- EXPIRES TODAY!!8/31
PQ B2G1free Dr. Pepper(or mt. dew) 12-pack-- YAB EXPIRES TODAY!!8/31

Buy 12 12-packs of Dr. Pepper
Use 12 MQs and 4 PQ!

Here's the Math:
Buy 12 12-packs= 12x$4.99=$59.88
Minus store sales= $59.88/(6x$4.99)=$29.94
Minus the PQ= 29.94-($4.99x4)=$9.98
Minus the MQs=$9.98-$12=-$2.02
TOoP=$2.02 OVERAGE!!!

If you don't have all those coupons here are a few others to use with the Store's Sale::
 PQ $1/1 Lipton Brisk 12 pk/12 oz cans *new* YAB Expires 9/21
PQ $2/1 meat or seafood purchase WYB 2 Pepsi Max 12 pk/12 oz or 2 L *new* YAB Expires 9/21
TQ $1/1 Dr. Pepper soda 12-pk.
 MQ $1 off any One 24 Pack or Two 12 Packs of any Flavor (Reg Or Diet) Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Ten (zip 02904)
MQ $1/1 Pepsi Products, any two (2) 12 oz can 12-packs, three (3) 12 oz can 8-packs or one (1) 12 oz can 24-pack tear pad (exp 10/6/2012)
MQ $1/1 Pepsi Next, 12 Oz. Can 12-Pk., Any – Reach, May 2012 (exp 8/31/2012)
MQ $2/4 Pepsi 12 packs Sendanos weekly ad

Friday, August 24, 2012

Deli Meal + Soda!

Publix Family Combo Meal
On Sale for $9.99!
One Rotisserie or 8 Piece Mixed Chicken
Two 16oz sides
One Pack of 4ct. Dinner Rolls

Coupons to use:
PQ FREE 2lt Pepsi Next WYB Deli Combo Meal
(YABflyer 8/11-8/31)

For $10! 
That's a Pretty Good Dinner for the Family!


Okay Guys, get happy!!

This Week @ Publix(8/23-8/30)
FREE Axe Deodorant WYB 2 Axe Hair Care Products!
Coupons to use:
MQ $1 off one AXE Deodorant- RP7/29(exp.8/31/12)
PQ $1 off one AXE Hair Care product
(New GABflyer 8/25-9/14)

Use one MQ & two PQs!

Should be about $7 for all three or $2.33 each!
A Great Deal For a Great Product!!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TOPS Market Deals

Here are a few deals for those of you who live by a 
Mostly found New York and Pennsylvania
Renuzit Adjustables 
On Sale for 10 for $10
Q to use: 
$.55 off 3- RP8/19(exp. 9/2/12) Doubles to $1.10
TOoP=$.63 each or $1.90 for 3
Hershey's Simple Pleasures
On Sale for $2.99
Q to use:
$2 off one- SS8/19(9/30/12)
TOoP=$1.99 or $.99
Funky Monkey Dried Fruit
On Sale for 10 for $10
Q to use:
$.75 off one- SSprintable- Doubles to $1.50

Some new things to try at a great price!
Enjoy for those who can get these deals!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

FREE Aquafresh Toothpaste!

This Week @ Publix(8/16-8/22)
Aquafresh Toothpaste is on Sale for 10 for $10
Target has a coupon for 
$1 off any ONE Aquafresh Toothpaste

Making it FREE!!!

Rumor has it the are MQ peelies on them as well, $1 off!!

Awesome Deals!!
Good Luck!

Glade Expression Deals!

Glade Expressions
Fragrance Mist
& Oil Diffuser
Has Wonderful Coupons That Just Came Out
Fragrance Mist Deal
MQ - Buy the Refill Get the Glade Expressions Starter Kit FREE--SS8/5(exp. 9/15)
PQ - Buy Glade Expressions Starter Kit Get the Refill FREE--SS8/19(exp. 9/18)
Mail-in Rebate for starter kit(up to 4.99)

Oil Diffuser
MQ - Buy the Refill Get the Glade Expressions Starter Kit FREE--SS8/5(exp. 9/15)
PQ - Buy Glade Expressions Starter Kit Get the Refill FREE--SS8/19(exp. 9/18)

Totally FREE!!!
Not much better than that, right?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pantene Super Deal!!

This Week @ Publix(8/16-8/22)
They are having a major P&G B3G1free @ $3.49
Mix and Match!!
This Includes Select Products from:
Old Spice

Coupons to Use:
PQ B2 Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner(S&C) and G1 Styler FREE
PQ $1 off one Crest toothpaste, OR Oral-B toothbrush, OR Crest/Scope Mouth Wash
TQ $1 off 2 Pantene Products
MQ $3 off 2 Pantene Products- P&G 7/29(exp. 8/31)
MQ $1 off 2 Old Spice products- P&G 7/29(exp. 8/31)
MQ $.75 off one Crest Toothpaste- 
P&G 7/29(exp. 8/31)
 PQs are from the Publix Stocking Spree MAILERS, you can sign up HERE for next time!
TQ is from the Beauty Bag MAILER, check Target's FaceBook page for the next one!
Best Deal::
Buy 6 Pantene Shampoo and/or Conditioners
And 2 Stylers
Use 2(if you got 2) PQs B2 S&C G1 Styler free
4 MQs $3 off 2 Pantene Products
1 TQ $1 off 2 Pantene Products

Total of the products---$3.49x8=$27.92
minus the free sale---$27.92-($3.49x2)=$20.94
Minus the PQs---$20.94-($3.49x2)=$13.96
Minus the MQs---$13.96-($3x4)=$1.96
Minus the TQ---$1.96-$1=$.96 
TOoP=$.96 for 8 Pantene Products!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simple Addiction Gift Card Giveaway!!

... Boutique Daily Deals
Is Offering a Gift Card Giveaway!
1st prize- $25 Target Gift Card
2nd prize- $15 Simple Addiction Gift Card
3rd prize- $10 Simple Addiction Gift Card

Just 'Like' on their page to see the form!!

FREE Suave Deodorant!!

This Week @ Publix(8/9-8/15)
Suave Deodorant is on Sale BOGOfree @ $1.99
Coupons to use:
MQ $.50 off one Suave Deodorant-
SQ/CQ $.50 off one Suave Deodorant- 
Target Printable(NLA)

Use 2 of each coupon! 
And Get 2 Suave Deodorant 

Great Deal on John Frieda Products

In the Publix GAB Flyer 
There is a Coupon(SQ) for $4 off 2 John Frieda 
Shampoo and/or Conditioner
Match this with the MQ $10 off John Frieda 
Precision Foam Colour 
2 John Frieda Shampoo and/or Conditioner
SS 8/5(exp.9/9/12)
Lets do the Math!!
Precision Foam Colour- $11.99
Shampoo or Conditioner- $5.49 each


TOoP= $10.35

 0r $3.45 Each

A Very Good Deal For a High End

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vitaminwater Gift Card Deal!

FREE $5 Gift Card 
10 for $10 Vitaminwater!!
@ Target


Target Dinner Deal!!

Target Has a Great Little Dinner Deal Going On This Week(8/5-8/11)
Buy Hormel Always Tender 
Original Pork Tenderloin($6.99)
And Get a
20-24oz. Country Crock Side Dish
Coupon to Use:
MQ $1 off one Hormel Always Tender Products-
SS 6/17(exp8/13/12) 

Sounds Like a Great Dinner to Me!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Campus Connection Gift Card Deals!!

This Week @ Target(8/5-8/11)
They Have Three Wonderful Gift Card Deals!!
NEW Ipad 16GB w/ Wi-Fi 
Receive a $30 Target Gift Card!!

Ipad 2 16GB w/ Wi-Fi
Receive a $20 Target Gift Card!!

Ipod Touch 8GB
Receive a $10 Target Gift Card!!

Five Star Sale*****

Back To School is the Prefect Time to Stock up on Notebooks and Binders!
Just Gave Us some Coupons in Sunday's 

So Here Are a Couple Deals @ Target!!
Five Star 1-Subject Notebooks- $1 each
Coupon to Use:
MQ $1 off 2 Five Star Notebooks(RP)
Buy 2 for $1 w/ this coupon
Five Star Binders- $6 to $20
Coupon to Use:
MQ $2 off 1 Five Star Binder(RP)
(Target Printable)

A Few More Coupon Back to School Deals
Scotch Magic Tape- $.49 each
Coupon to Use:
(Target Printable)
RoseArt Color Supplies-
$.49 each + FREE 24ct. Crayons
Coupon to Use:
MQ $1 off 3 RoseArt Products-
RP7/29(exp. 10/7/12)

FREE after RR @ Walgreens!!

Walgreens This Week(8/5-8/11)
Has Several FREE After Register Rewards!

Check Them Out!
 Are You Buying Some of These??

$.50 Ban Deodorant!

This Week @ Walgreens(8/5-8/11)
Ban Deodorant is on Sale 2 for $3
Coupon to Use:
MQ Save $1 on one Ban Deodorant-SS8/5(exp9/1/12)

Final TOoP= $1 for 2 Ban Deodorant!

CVS Pantene Deal!

FREE Pantene Styler
Pantene Shampoo or Condition
Coupon to Use:
MQ Save $3 off 2 Pantene Products-

Should be a good deal here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Deal @ CVS

Save $2 on 
Simple Facial Care Products
Spend $15 and Get $5 ECB in return

MQ Save $1 on one Simple Facial Care Product-SS8/5(exp.9/2/12)
MQ Save $3 on two Simple Facial Care Product-SS8/5(exp.9/2/12)

This Should Make for Some Great Deals!

Save $20 off Graphing Calculator!

Get All Your Back To School Needs @ Office Max!
 Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator is $99.99

And Get a FREE Stylish Calculator Case!
Also Get 5 FREE Composition Books!!

Don't Ruin a Good Thing!

It Only Takes One Person to Ruin a Good Thing...

There is a GREAT Money Maker Right Now @ Publix
PaperMate Pens are 2 for $1
$.50 MM
Late Last Week a Woman Came to my Publix and Bought 140 Pens and Nothing Else. She Used The Coupons and Got $70 Cash Back. My Store Tried to Impose a Reasonable Limit of 4 Deals(8 Pens). The Woman Insisted and Threatened to Call Corporate. My Store Allowed It and The Next Day There Was a District Wide Limit of 'Only ONE Coupon Can Be Used Per Order and Cannot Exceed The Price of the Product.'

No More MM AND you might be treated as a scammer or something if you use this coupon...

All because one woman wanted cash back!

Remember Couponing is a privilege, not a right!!

If you want to try and use this coupon do the following:
#1) Ask @ Customer Service if it is ok to use
#2) don't get an 'over the top' amount (10 or less- preferred less)
#3) Buy other things to cover the overage

Friday, August 3, 2012

Over $150 Down To Less Than $5!!

I Thought I'd Share These Two Shopping Trips With You :)
I did one shop on Wednesday and the second on Thursday! They totaled $173.37 before Qs and Sales; I only paid: $4.52!!!

Transaction #1- Wednesday Night(8/1)
12 glade refills- $5.49 each
10 paper-mate pens- $.50 each
5 publix brand pantiliners- $.99 each
2 publix brand slice cheese- $2.59 each
2 country crock butter-$2.50 each
1 glade plug-in- $1.49
1 diet coke- $1.89
1 rotisserie chicken- $5.99
6 MQ Glade refill BOGOfree- SS7/15(exp. 8/25)
6 SQ(target) Glade refill BOGOfree printable
10 SQ(target) $1 off one Paper-mate products printable
5 SQ(target) $1 off one Up&Up feminine care products(yes you can use other 'store brand' coupons on publix products!)
1 SQ(target) $1 off 2 Market Pantry Cheese products 5oz or larger
2 MQ $.60 off one Country Crock Butter- RP7/29(exp. 8/26)
1 MQ $1 off one Glade Plug-in-
1 SQ(publix) $1.50 off wyb Coke product and Rotisserie Chicken
2 SQ(doris) $5 off $50 Welcome to the Newsletter Q
TOoP= $3.92
Upromise Coupons:
Glade Refill $1 credit
Glade Plug-in $1 credit

Transaction #2 Thursday
8 glade refills- $5.49 each
2 publix brand slice cheese- $2.50 each
Reese Peanut Butter Cups- $.99
4 MQ Glade refill BOGOfree- SS7/15(exp. 8/25)
4 SQ(target) Glade refill BOGOfree printable
1 SQ(target) $1 off 2 Market Pantry Cheese products 5oz or larger
1 SQ(doris) $5 off $50 Welcome to the Newsletter Q
TOoP= $.70